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With people appreciating basketball as a profession it takes a lot of practise to be a professional player. It all needs to start with small steps and this small steps can be achieved with the help of a portable basketball hoop which you can adjust as you grow as a player. Some of the best portable basketball hoops are:


Spalding Hybrid

This is one of the best portable basketball hoop models which is quite easy to assemble. Due to its high quality parts the basketball hoop is quite heavier and is impossible to assemble with only a person. After you have assembled the parts it is quite tough to break apart it stays in nice and solid. It is one of the best investment and the final result is absolutely pleasing.

Silverback NXT

Silverback NXT

This portable basketball system has a stabile-frame which makes it one of the strongest portable hoops for basketball. The steel on steel connection between the pole and the base reduces weakness and vibrations. Due to its design base it is easy to move the hoop, the design is really simple from the base which makes it a favourite.


Spalding Pro slam

The Spalding pro slam has one of the best rim which can take up to many dunks without any damage. The main design helps you mitigate the tipping without the use of sand or sandbags. The full assembly might take sometime but can be quite complicated if not followed the instructions. This is a durable option which gives you weather resistance as well.


Lifetime 90023

This is one of the best portable basketball system which has an acrylic band which helps supports the rim. There is an heigh adjustment mechanism available which is easier to use and be completed alone. It has a three pole mechanism with a three inch diameter which stands for stability. Due to its height adjusting mechanism it is considered on of the best hoops which helps improve footwork movement in children.


Lifetime 1221

The rim of this basketball hoop can sit at a height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet with the height increment can be adjusted to the height you grow or the growth in your game. This basketball hoop is durable enough to handle minimal weight at the base. The hoop itself is extremely light but you can add more support to add to the base. If you have a limited budget and want to squeeze in a basketball hoop which is durable with Lifetime you can. Their range of basket ball hoops are known to be enjoyed by the whole family but more by adults.

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